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We are a Premier Dealer for Foster refrigerator. Foster coldstores provide a range of the best quality coldrooms for all types of catering outlet, restaurants, pubs, hotels, staff catering, hospitals, schools and bakeries.

Comprehensive solutions for food production facilities...

Food Manufacturing Market

At Cold Room Direct (CRD), we occupy a unique position in the food manufacturing market, as we offer a comprehensive solution that you simply won’t find anywhere else.
What’s different about us?
Well, our services cover every facet of the build, from design, right through to implementation and management, with the net result being a quicker, more cost-effective and smoother experience for everyone involved.
All Under One Roof
Traditionally speaking, if want to design, build and manage a food production facility, it involves a long, drawn-out and often costly process. The reason for this is a build of this kind will invariably require a complex and disparate arrangement with a variety of different providers, with one company providing the cold storage panels, another taking care of the food prep zones and someone else entirely dealing with packaging and food safety.
Having spent a number of years as a specialist in the cold storage industry, we have been part of large scale projects like these and experienced all of the common pitfalls that ensue. We thought to ourselves - there has to be a better way.
It goes without saying that complex food manufacturing builds like these, with this many independent entities working together are prone to delays, errors and budget overruns. And that’s even before you start talking about liaising with food technicians and food regulations inspectors.

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